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Janice Dickinson has publicly admitted that she has had tummy tuck, breast augmentation and extensive Botox treatments.  In between getting plastic surgery, going through tummy tuck recovery and breast augmentation recovery and talking about her plastic surgery, it is hard to believe that Janice also manages to find the time to work out, but she clearly works out a lot, given the stellar muscular definition she exhibited in her nude photo posting.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, "Although she clearly works out and has good definition to her body, I definitely believe Janice Dickinson has undergone liposuction to her abdominal area due to the obvious irregularities in the skin’s contour.  The rippling around her implant is visible because she does not have much breast tissue to cover and disguise the implant.  That is why for very thin women it is strongly recommended to place the implant under the muscle for the most natural looking result."

Hopefully Janice wasn’t going for a natural look, because she didn’t get one, although her dedication to her body is inspiring.

It has to be mentioned that Dickinson has even filmed her Botox procedure in 2006.

She revealed that she is happy with her results from plastic surgery, and has been quoted as saying she doesn’t have any regrets. At the same time, she also revealed that she has promised her son that she will not have any more plastic surgery.

CA plastic surgeon Dr. Marcel Daniels feels that the concept of excessive Botox treatment is somewhat meaningless as maintenance over a period of time does require return visits to the plastic surgeon.

Dr. Daniels noted that "Janice Dickinson looks like an older version of herself, which is appropriate, he feels that she looks great."

Dr. Michael Salzhauer says "There are many patients that decide to go ahead with additional cosmetic surgeries, but it is important to not overdo it.  Janice Dickinson does appear a bit overdone with her very plump lips and very large implants.  Some people want this look, but a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will often advise towards a more natural look."

Janice Dickinson has admittedly spent around $100,000 on plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. To date, Janice has had the following procedures: Tummy tuck, breast implants, lip implants, cheek implants, neck lift, face lift, breast lift, liposuction, upper & lower eyelid surgeries, injectable fillers (such as collagen), botox and veneers.

If it can be sucked, tucked, implanted or injected, Janice has probably had it done! In Janice’s own words:

"Believe me, I’m a 900-year-old dinosaur and without 14 inches of make-up and 32 pounds of fake weave I wouldn’t look the way I do. I want to be the best-looking corpse there is…I’m honest about it; I haven’t got a problem with it. I borrow bits from everyone. Every six months I fly to Dallas to get Botox and I also get collagen injections…I’m addicted to cosmetic surgery."

Janice has even gone to Dr Drew Pinsky's reality show "Celebrity Rehab" to beat her plastic surgery addiction.

 On the other hand, Janice-despite her previous statement-  denies that she is a plastic surgery addict and claims: "Surgery is good for you"  She is quick to reassure viewers that she can still form facial expressions and is seen pulling a contorted face to the camera saying: "See everybody? I can still move my face!"

She openly discusses her experiences with plastic surgery in her book, "Everything About Me is Fake – And I’m Perfect."
Throughout her book, the theme of feelings of inadequacy directly relate to her need for plastic surgery.

But is Janice Dickinson happy with all of her plastic surgery? While she says she is pleased, she still does not feel perfect; her statement is in direct conflict with the title of her book. Perhaps, it is meant to be.

The first time Janice has gone under the knife was at 31 years of age. The 50-something celebrity of today has had many cosmetic surgeries as previously said.

 To be more exact, to improve the appearance of her upper and lower eyelids, Janice has had a blepharoplasty. 

But what blepharoplasty actually does?
This procedure removes fatty deposits on the upper eyelids and removes fine wrinkles on the lower eyelids.

Judging from the before and after pictures, she certainly looks more rested and alert. Many would agree this is definitely not an example of the worst plastic surgery and produced results similar to the subtle effects of Michelle Pfeiffer’s plastic surgery.

In comparison to Goldie Hawn plastic surgery, the results have not been too natural looking. When looking at the face of Janice Dickinson, there is somewhat of that feared alien look.

Do you think that Janice has plastic surgery addiction?
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