Fiona Xie Plastic Surgery

First of all: "Who is Fiona Xie?"

Fiona Xie in an actress from Singapore. Before she started her acting debut, Fiona was spotted by a talent scout at the age of fifteen while was studying in St. Hilda's Secondary School. She modeled for numerous print and television commercials in Singapore and Hong Kong before joining MediaCorp Studios as a full-time artist in 2001.

There are rumors that Fiona Xie before she began her acting career has gone under the knife.

 Many people claim that she had a nose job, a blepharoplasty (twice!) and definitely a boob job

Celebrity watchers and bloggers pointed out that Fiona's nose is too sharp!

Fiona is supposed to have her eyes and breasts fixed a few years ago in Thailand.

Many plastic surgeons are often asked by teenage girls how they would look like Fiona Xie.

 According to plastic surgeon expert Dr Chua:

"I can't tell you how many patients think her breasts are to die for. She's without doubt the gold standard. Women use her as a reference. They either tell me they don't want to be as big as her, or that they want their breasts to look like hers."

"She's got an exotic face, a mixed-blood appearance." Dr Chua adds.

"Many girls want her deep, symmetrical double eyelids because they make her eyes look dreamy and large." Dr Chua pointed out.

"She has a small, straight, cute nose and a small pouty mouth. I would categorise her as girl-next-door pretty, in a non-threatening way." Dr. Chua told about Fiona Xie.

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  1. Didn't know fiona xie went under the knife...but she is no doubt one of the most gorgeous actress in singapore entertainment circle.
    Too bad she has left the entertainment industry in singapore.
    Big loss.


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