Park Bom Plastic Surgery

Before talking about Park Bom's plastic surgery, let us remind you some basic information about Park Bom.

First of all, who is Park Bom?

 Park Bom is a South Korean idol singer. She was born in Seoul, South Korea. She eventually moved to the United States where she learned English. She is currently a member and main vocalist of girl-group 2NE1 which is signed to YG Entertainment.

 The question is: Did Park Bom have plastic surgery?

Some people think she got a nose job because her nose just looks different and probably did something with her eyes. According to professional make up artists it is impossible to make your eyes look THAT big with make up and circle lens together.

 So, she certainly got double eyelids. Her jaw line also is sharper than it used to be. Her nose is sharper now than it was in the past and her cheeks are more puffy. It is possible that she got cheek implants and botox. Bom probably had botox because her face can't move. She can't make expressions on her face any more and she seems stiff. 

Well, of course, the opinions from people and fans vary.

Fans claim that Bom looks prettier now anyhow. Some appear rather cynical and sarcastic stating that Bom before plastic surgery was charming face. After plastic surgery is a celebrity face. Bom has undeniably many hardcore fans out there claiming that thick makeup makes her face looks different and defend her by telling that people’s faces changes throughout their lives. Some even lose their temper and wonder: "What makes it that your face can’t change just because you’re an entertainer?" Some Bom's fans are not interested at all in Park Bom's plastic surgery rumors. Many people beleive that Park Bom's plastic surgery procedures make her look older than her actual age and are pretty much annoyed that she has the same facial expression throughout their whole MV.
 To be fair, it has been recently said that Bom suffers from lymph nodes disease which causes her face to swell/puff up.That’s why from time to time you see her face either really puffy then going to slim-ish. Just for the record, nowadays you DON’T need surgery to just get double eyelids. People use eyelid tape, or eyelid glue to keep the lid looking like it’s double!

According to the most recent information, Park Bom did have plastic surgery for her eyes and nose, but it was for health reasons. She got an illness (it has been mentioned above) and to reduce the swelling she had to undergo some surgeries.

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  1. she did the surgeries for her health? bullshit!!! only stupid people would belief that. she was beautiful but not any more because of the surgeries. i mean, her face now(2012)is very scary, her eyes look unatural, her lips looks huge like she wants to suck something all the time, her face looks like it gonna explode. she was born beauty, but it wasn't enough for her.

  2. what a lame excuse for getting surgery...really. I'm not hating on her. This is my opinion from an unbiased position. I'm sure a person with a little bit of common sense and medical background knowledge would be able to see through that reason for surgery.

  3. Maybe she don't want to get any PS but she had to? Because she's already pretty back than and of course Blackjack isn't interested in this plastic surgery thingy because she's talented, nice, have a good personality, dorky~ That what makes she looks pretty in our eyes and heart~ I think netizens don't have to bring back this topic. It's already lame and makes us sick whenever we see it~ Keep calm and enjoy the music :D Sorry for my bad english~

  4. She used to be so beautiful but now she looks like a puffer fish. Every time I see her I'm always wondering why she looks like a lifesize barbie doll. It's creepy, not cute

  5. Who gets double lid surgery, nose jobs to alter the shape, botox, facial implants etc for medical reasons? LMAO!!!! GTFOH!! Please come up with a more believable story, cuz that one is not working. LMAO

  6. Wow..Just wow.SMH.All of you are bashing on her looks, comparing how she was to her present self.Park Bom is a kpop idol, kpop idols do plastic surgery like it's changing haircolor.In Korean society its just that common a thing to do.In Korean households(I SHOULD KNOW)top students are rewarded with plastic surgery as a graduation gift etc.I'm not saying its justified, but in comparison to all the kpop singers who've gotten nose jobs, double lids,vline, tummytucks for s-line, park bom is irrelevant.I AM NOT SAYING SUREGERY IS RIGHT,I'm just saying that pointing your finger at her and passing judgement doesn't make you any better or take the implants that nearly 60% of Koreans lust after out of her face.Surgery is a given for people of her status, get over it.

  7. Everyone has a human rights for doing anything with their things.. Let me ask U all, if u had a lot of money, is making your face look better didn't put in a list-to-do?......


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