Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Madonna Promotes MDNA Through Lady Gaga's Poker Face ( Funny Video )

This is undeniably a controversial video I found about Lady Gaga and Madonna on You tube!

The guy, who made this, is admittedly a Lady Gaga and Madonna fan as well.

Some consider it scary while others label it as "funny", "creative" and even "infuriating".

Opinions vary...Anyway, despite the fact that it is kind of strange to promote Madonna's MDNA through Lady Gaga's "Poker face",  the guy encourages to buy Madonna's new album "MDNA"  and even jokes saying : "If you don't buy it, you are reductive".

I bet that if Madonna watches this video, she won't be pleased...
But we have to acknowledge the fact that the owner of the video didn't have any bad intention of humiliating and insulting both artists.

What do you think of it?

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