Monday, April 23, 2012

Marc Anthony Net Worth

Marc Anthony has an estimated net worth of $40 million dollars. A singer-songwriter, musician, actor, and producer, Marc Anthony is most widely recognized for his famous salsa music. 

He is undoubtedly the highest selling salsa artist in history and has won numerous awards, including two Grammy Awards and three Latin Grammy Awards. His album sales total over 30 million globally. 

There is speculation that Anthony was worth $8-10 million before he got married to Jennifer Lopez. That net worth figure actually came from his album sales (30 million sold worldwide!), concert tours, plus a house in upstate New York and a condo in Miami.

 Probably Marc’s net worth is $40 million because Jennifer will be forced to file for divorce in California because that will be determined their primary residence. Marc owns a house in upstate New York but it’s in his name and Jennifer has a house on Long Island that is in her name. The only house that’s they share ownership of is the $10 million mansion in California. Also the pair also spent the majority of the last year in California due to her idol duties. These two facts will make it very hard to argue that she should be allowed to file in New York which is an equitable distribution state, meaning everything earned would end up being considered separate property.

California is a no-fault, communal property state. Even if it’s true that Marc cheated on her, he’s still entitled to 50% of all earnings and property that were acquired during their marriage. Marc is entitled to 50% of any album sales, concert revenue, cars, real estate, jewelry, art work, bank accounts, and retirement accounts that occurred during their marriage. The couple also purchased a stake in the Miami Dolphins football team and the value of that will be in the multi-millions.

Even if Jennifer has a pre-nup (which according to sources she doesn't) that would only protect the assets that she came to the marriage with. This would be a significant sum of money but she still earned a bit of money during their seven years of marriage. 

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