Saturday, April 21, 2012

Britney Spears Cellulite

Britney Spears has cellulite. Just like the rest of us! 

Britney permitted the publication of a photoshoot without airbrush! That is very brave for a celebrity like Britney Spears!

She certainly earned some respect back with this brave photo shoot reported by Daily Mail. Anyway, Brit allowed her body to be photographed without airbrushing, revealing cellulite, bruises and all.
"Imperfections" that can be apparently viewed in the un-airbrushed shot include blemishes on her calf, her real-sized thighs and, if you pay attention to detail, you can see her feet have dry skin on them.  The airbrushed pictures, however, tell a different story with a slimmed-down waist and flawless, skinny legs.

In the second picture, she is seen from the back - in the un-airbrushed shot she has areas of cellulite (just like every human) on the back of her thighs, a tattoo on her lower back (sometimes called a "tramp stamp") is clearly visible and her backside is not "perfect" as we are led to beleive.

However, in the altered photo all signs of womanly-ness have been disappeared and she appears to have a pert rear, unrealistically smooth skin, slimmer legs and the tattoo has vanished.

It has to be mentioned though that in the past Britney Spears was relying on diet pills and Red Bull to keep her weight under control. Now there are  rumors that she's got her amazing body back thanks to Bliss' FatGirlSlim cream. It has been reported that Britney and a few of her girlfriends headed into a Sephora store in Toronto, Canada, to buy up every jar of the magical cream, which promises to reduce the appearance of cellulite and make skin look smoother and firmer. A friend of Brit claims that the cream is part of Britney's new health kick and beauty regime.

"Britney is healthier than she's been in over three years. She's working out every day while she's on tour - she's confident in her body and her dancing again because she's tight and toned. She was shaky at the beginning, but she's building muscle and with it comes a renewed confidence in her talents," according to a close source.

Instead of junk food like Cheetos, Britney is chowing down on healthy vegetables and chicken and is snacking on fruit.

"Now that she has her old body back she feels a little bit like her old self. She is working very hard to stay in shape and look great. Britney is really taking her eating and fitness seriously."

While her dad, Jamie Spears, keeps Britney on a tight budget, he's allowing her to indulge in beauty products. "Britney had already tried the FatGirlSlim cream and wanted to get more of it for the summer to keep her bikini body in shape so that's why she bought every jar of FatGirlSlim that the Sephora store had. And she wasn't just getting it for herself, she bought some for her backup dancers, too."

But we should have in mind that celebrities are under a lot of pressure of staying fit and losing weight. So, when it comes to celebrities like Britney Spears they want immediate effects. This is the reason she used then a product called as Celluthin. It is a product that hits the place of occurrence. It mainly targets the fat and cellulite on the place where it has occurred. It has potent active ingredients that can very easily and quickly get shuttled in the fat cells there by reducing the manifestation of the immovable fat and cellulite.

But we should not underestimate the importance of more simple and effective methods in order to get rid of cellulite. So, most important is a good lifestyle.

Conclusion: Do not waste your time on these expensive creams. Instead of buying every single cream that promises unrealistic results, you'd better get educated about the occurrence and cure of cellulite. Don't forget that natural remedies are always a better option.  For example, a balanced food, drinking a lot of water, eating whole grain food, eating food with good fiber content (like fruits and vegetables) and less of fat content food along with proper exercise (at least 30 minutes every day) is the key to cure cellulite. Another important thing to consider is quit smoking, get de-stressed through yoga or meditation and avoid any unnecessary drugs to keep cellulite at bay.

Britney is confident about her body. She accepted that she can't  always  be perfect. She showed her real body without the fear of being heavily criticized. I wish that many celebrities in the future will show how they really are!

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