Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kim Kardashian Rehab

Kim Kardashian was reportedly so upset in 2011 over her divorce that she had a dramatic weight loss and barely slept!

Kim Kardashian was literally falling apart at that time! A shocking report in "Star Magazine" claimed then that Kim’s friends and family were incredibly concerned about Kim’s emotional state.  Kim was reportedly devastated that her marriage to Kris Humphries didn’t work out and sources close to Kim revealed that her behavior was "erratic."

"She’s been walking around in a daze," an insider stated. "It’s like she doesn’t hear anything anyone says to her. Her sisters and friends all have to repeat themselves over and over again to get her to respond. This is too big a problem for her to handle on her own. She needs to go to rehab."

The source added then that Kim wasn't able to eat or sleep since she filed for divorce on October 31st.

"She’s up until all hours of the night," according to a source. "She tries to sleep, but her mind just won’t stop racing. It’s clear she is just emotionally and physically exhausted. Her friends and family think that she needs to be in a nurturing environment, surrounded by supportive professionals to nurse her back to health."

But -unfortunately for Kim- that was not all . Sources claimed that there could be Kim/Kris sex tape...

"Kim’s friends are buzzing about the possibility of a Kim and Kris sex tape coming out," a source told then. "Kris always used to brag to his friends that  he and Kim had taped things that would put the video she did with Ray J to shame. Now with the split getting ugly, if a sex tape hit the Internet, that would totally destroy Kim."

It has to be mentioned that the Star magazine never bothered to specify what kind of "rehab" Kardashian needed, but alleged that she’s been alternating between "manic" behavior and wandering around like a zombie "behind closed doors."

On the other hand, a source close to Kardashian slammed Star, telling "Gossip Cop" it was "all not true" and labeling the tabloid’s desperate allegations "ridiculous."

This is definitely not the bright side to superstardom...
Celebrities-just because they expose themselves too much on the limelight-have to endure all the lies and half truths tabloids write often but it is THEIR choice! Don't you think?

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