Lil Kim Surgery

Lil Kim seems have had surgery when she was in jail.

She doesn't look pretty with it. The brow lift is more than comfort may be due to endoscopic browlift, her nose has been whittled down and her cheeks look like that of a blowfish.

She gives us the impression of  having had either excessive fat grafting or massive cheek implants, placed by a plastic surgeon who either wasn't aware of he or she was doing, or unfortunately didn't bother. She used to be beautiful before surgery. Now she represents a nice case of plastic surgery gone wrong of a plastic surgery addict.

What Lil Kim got after her surgery is what we could name an "extreme make over". Some people have a plastic surgery procedure because they want to improve their looks, but good plastic surgery doesn't change completely the image of somebody but improves it. In Lil Kim's case that apparently didn't happen...

Unfortunately, her face does not look the same anymore. 

 It looks like she got cheek implants, her nose looks even thinner, suggesting another rhinoplasty, and maybe she even got a brow lift besides all those procedures.

 Breast implants are more obvious when breasts appear large, round and firm in someone with a small frame. When women lose weight, decreasing her body fat percentage, breast also decrease in size because it is essentially fat tissue. For Lil, all the signs of breast implants can be seen, even after losing weight her breasts look almost the same in size and projection, so no doubts about that one. Anyhow, it could be interesting to know how many surgeries she has gotten through the years...Lil Kim hasn't responded yet on plastic surgery rumors...

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn stated:

    "Lil Kim looks like a big mess. Her face and body appear to have transformed into a different person entirely. I suspect that she’s had a lot of plastic surgery, including a nose job (or more than one) that’s thinned her nose to the proportions of a popsicle stick."

As for how many and what kind of facial surgeries Dr. Youn considers Kim has gone over board with, Youn revealed:

    "I suspect that she’s had a lot of plastic surgery, including a nose job (or more than one) that’s thinned her nose to the proportions of a popsicle stick. Her face appears contoured and has a waxy sheen. It appears that she’s undergone injection of fillers as well."

Youn added about Kim’s overly curvaceous body:

    "Her body is much more curvy, and could have undergone enhancement with solid silicone buttock implants. Her overall appearance makes me concerned that she has a serious body image problem."

Well, you don’t certainly need a medical degree to figure that one out!

It has to be mentioned that Lil Kim recently performed at the BET Music Awards and shocked almost everyone! Kim looks like a pieced together Janet Jackson/Nicki Minaj frankencreature, which isn’t that shocking considering all of the plastic surgery she has had, but Kim has a new addition! Looks like Lil Kim has gotten Nicki Minaj sized butt implants, which she strutted hard during her "comeback" performance of "Rip the Runway".

Not only is Lil Kim’s new butt huge (especially in comparison to the butt she was born with), but it seems like she’s also had fat injections to create bigger hips as well.

Lil Kim has a history of making awful choices when it comes to plastic surgery and no one can doubt that there is much left on her body that hasn’t been hacked up by a plastic surgeon. It all began with a nose job early in her career and Kim has not stopped having plastic surgery since. From multiple nose jobs that caused her nose to collapse, to several sets of breast implants, really bad liposuction and whatever she’s had done to her face (botox, fillers, implants, lifts, nips, tucks, etc), Lil Kim shows the signs of plastic surgery addiction.

Just for the record, Lil Kim started going under the knife in the mid 90′s, as her career as a rapper started to take off. Sadly, she never bothered to stop and no longer looks anything like her authentic self. Lil Kim has had it all done, from a bad facelift to lumpy liposuction. She has even had to have her nose rebuilt after it collapsed from having too much plastic surgery.

 Lil Kim has had a ridiculous amount of plastic surgery, including multiple nose jobs that have resulted in the bridge of her nose disappearing into her skull.

Well, Lil Kim has recently resurfaced with another new nose! It looks like she has had reconstructive surgery (using an implant to rebuild her nose), to fix the damage done by all the former rhinoplasty surgeries she has had.
 Lil Kim is supposed to have had several bad plastic surgeries including lumpy lipo, bad breast implants, tummy tuck, cheek implants, nose job, lip augmentation, collagen injections, botox injections, blepharoplasty, face lift, skin whitening treatments, lip injections to puff up her pout etc.

Not to mention that she even wears colored contact lenses, just to add another element to the transformation... It’s safe to tell that Lil Kim is addicted to plastic surgery and has royally screwed up her face and body in her quest for plastic perfection. It is no exaggeration to say that now her face is pulled so tight that she literally looks asian. 

It's sad to think that Lil Kim once made headlines for her outrageous outfits and eccentric style. Now they all discuss about her tragic transformation due to bad plastic surgery decisions. It's very hard to beleive that Lil Kim is only 37 years old.

It's unbeleivable that celebrities spend a great deal of money to look like this...

 What do you think?

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  2. idk if she was trying to look like the dolly parton of hip hop but she is coming across more like joan rivers of the rap game. She looked her best during her second album and should have just STOPPED goin under the knife. Reinvention as an artist doesnt mean you have to change your face every album, she looked good before.

  3. It's sad that you can't realize how beautiful you are; Lil Kim has men all over the world wishing to be in her presence, but obviously that's not enough for her to say I love who I am and the way I look is good enough. Like many have said she should have stopped in the 90's. I wonder what her long time assistant and close friends say to her when they see she has done it again???

    I wish doctor's would tell her to stop and refuse to do any more surgery on her, I'm sure some have; but you have the greedy one's that don't care and those that want to destroy you.

    And girlfriend you did not need that butt lift nor hips; for black woman; all that extra comes with age :) Stop with the surgeries for health reasons at least; all that cutting can't be good for her and all the unnatural stuff they inject into their bodies.

    Love ya lil kim!

  4. When people become rich and famous, they become surrounded by firefly people, the hanger-ons, saying everything they can to bask in the light of the Celeb. Kim became used to, as every Celeb seems to, the adulation-so when someone is honest (1 nosejob-sure-the rest? HELL NO!), they are insulting the fragile ego of the Star, & everyone else says it's great, & the honest one(s) are expunged from the light. That, combined with the media's beauty bias towards NW European facial features, & Kim's actual reality, & ability to perceive reality, is completely askew. She is very beautiful, & extremely talented, & I pray she just stops before we're looking at these pics as b4 (a. là MJ...)!!


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