Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery

Paris Hilton is rumored that she had a lot of plastic surgery.

 To be more specific there are rumors of having a nose job
( rhinoplasty ) and lip enhancement surgery ( lip augmentation and  in detail hyaluronic acid filler such as Restylane augmentation on both lips.). 

Still, Hilton insists that she has never had any kind of plastic surgery in the past nor does she plan to have plastic surgery in the future.
Once Paris Hilton revealed:

    "Plastic surgery for Paris Hilton? I’m too scared,...I’m very happy with the way I look, so I don’t plan on it"

She was said she is planning for plastic surgery to correct her drooping left eyelid ( blepharoplasty )."She wanted to fix her drooping left eyelid." but muscles of her left eye were damaged during the procedure and left it "drooping" more than her right eyelid. Now, Paris is planning to fix her eye asymmetry problem."

But Paris Hilton's representative Elliot Mintz dismissed the rumors, quoted as saying:
    "To the best of my knowledge, Paris has never had any kind of cosmetic surgery and has not mentioned any medical procedures having to do with her eyes."

Paris Hilton is rumored to have had at least two nose surgeries, one in 2001 to build up her nose's bridge, and a second one to slim down the tip of her nose

    "Years ago, I asked my dad for a boob job and he said it would cheapen my image," claimed Paris about her brief temptation to get breast implants.

Paris Hilton is also the subject of rumors about having breast implants, which appear to be unsubstantiated. While some strongly believe that Paris Hilton has been surgically enhanced, it is more likely that she has been wearing push up bras.

The truth is that Paris Hilton's breast size appears to change with different clothes that she wears, which suggests that the change in the appearance of the size of her breasts is due to the type of bra that she is wearing.

It has to be mentioned though that Paris’ natural eye color is indeed brown and she wears different contact lenses to change her eye color.

 Paris Hilton has vowed never to have plastic surgery because she is convinced it makes people look older. Paris insists she has never gone under the surgeon’s knife and swears she never will...

Despite all the rumors, Hilton's representative denies all the plastic surgery claims. 

 Judging by the before and after pictures Paris Hilton appears to have had plastic surgery!

 In fact, you’ll notice that Paris Hilton looks very different than she did when she was a teenager. There are shots that show a young, fresh-faced Paris sporting her natural nose while other shots reveal Paris as we view her today , and her nose couldn’t be more different. It’s more than obvious that Paris has been under the knife for a rhinoplasty procedure, which would help narrow the bridge of her nose, giving it a more refined appearance and reshaping the cartilage at the tip. More defined cheekbones point to the possibility of cheek implants, and several different sources have speculated as to whether Hilton may have undergone breast implants as well. Of course, nothing’s shocking when it comes to Paris but it’s undeniably a bit of a surprise when you watch just how apparent the change obviously is.

The rumors go that Paris Hilton has received two separate rhinoplasty (nose job) procedures; the first to alter the bridge of her nose and the second to trim the tip and leave her with the slender, bird-like proboscis that we’re all familiar with today.

According to Make Me Heal’s profile of Hilton, she underwent eyelid surgery in 2007.

It has also been rumored, on again and off again, that Paris Hilton has breast implants; but unless they’re removable then it’s likely that the seeming alteration of her bust is created with very clever presentation that can make her appear anywhere between a large A and a small C cup.

There is an obsession in Hollywood with duck lips and Paris hasn't obviously escaped from it!

 Duck lips are certainly not pretty. Quite the contrary... You can't put your finger about whether or not Paris had a boob job. It is quite possible that she had a really good push-up bra but you don't know for sure when we are talking about celebrities and especially the spoiled celebrity heiress Paris Hilton.

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